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Our Mission

Saving neglected, abused, orphaned, injured and displaced pets due to natural disasters, owner surrender or stranded strays, actually any animal that crosses our path. We are a team that rescues, rehabilitates, locates foster homes and re-home pets to forever homes. We are no kill. 

Based in NYC, Travel to Tri-State Area and will consider further States when working with other rescues and individuals interested in fostering/adoption. 

Dog of the week : Heidi

Heidi is a survivor. She was found 20 lbs underweight, and dehyrdated. Since being rescued, she has gained 15 lbs. 




Miss affectionate, Sweet Pea is still looking for a fur-ever home! She is a young lady at 1 year old. She loves play time and rubs, esp belly rubs!
Meet the Team

Cat of the week : Sweet Pea

Foster Parents & Families


Fosters are the glue in our organization and without them, we can only do so much. When a person makes the decision to foster an animal, they are providing so much more than their home and food. They provide comfort, compassion, and friendship to an animal in need. These animal lovers offer the animal a chance to have a normal life filled with love  until their forever home comes along.

All potential foster parents have to complete our Foster Agreement and Interview

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